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Transform Your Homewith Expert Additions

Love your Comfort, TX, home but feel a little short on space? Maybe your family’s grown, or you crave a dedicated art studio. Saying goodbye to your neighborhood and starting fresh can be a hassle, but there’s a better solution: building a home addition! 

With countless successful projects under our belt, CasaKeepers is here to help you make that dream a reality. Adding a new room or expanding your kitchen will better suit your family’s needs. Our expert team will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Expand Your Living Space

You might find your current space feeling a bit cramped as time passes. Moving isn’t always the best option, especially when you love your neighborhood. That’s where a home addition project comes in handy.

Building a home addition means staying in the place you cherish while gaining extra space. It’s a win-win, letting you grow your home to match your evolving lifestyle.

Seamless Design-Build Services

At CasaKeepers, we’re pros at making your home addition project feel seamless. Our design-build services cover everything from initial planning to final touches., soyou’ll work with a single team throughout the project.

Our approach ensures clear communication and efficient progress. You’ll see your vision come to life without the hassle of juggling multiple contractors. Trust our skilled home addition contractor team to handle it all.

Benefits of Working with CasaKeepers

Choosing CasaKeepers means you’re getting more than just extra space. Our experienced team brings quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can expect a well-planned, expertly executed home addition project that adds value and comfort to your home.

We listen to your ideas and tailor our services to meet your needs. With CasaKeepers, you’ll get personalized solutions that perfectly fit your lifestyle and preferences. Our goal is to make your home addition a truly rewarding experience.




Ready to Enhance Your Home?

A home addition from CasaKeepers is an investment in your happiness and your home’s value. Don’t miss out on an improved home. With our home addition contractors, you’ll boost your home’s experience. 

Reach out today and let us help you create the perfect addition to your home. With CasaKeepers, your dream space is just a phone call away.

Successful Projects & Satisfied Customers


Chad Huber, Owner & Founder

My name is Chad Huber and I am the founder of CasaKeepers, LLC. My beginning in construction began in the early 2000’s as a customer. After several years operating businesses in various industries, my wife, Kristin and I, began hiring contractors to help us flip houses. We became so frustrated and disillusioned with the lack of professionalism in the field, I decided to become a General Contractor myself. Many years and many, many projects later, we’ve implemented a reliable people-first system for residential remodeling.