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Remodeling 101: Discovering the Costs

During our initial conversations with a potential client, one question always percolates to the top: how much will this project cost? Whether it be a master bathroom suite, a kitchen renovation, or the construction of a guest casita, it’s human nature to want an approximate understanding of the investment required to bring our vision to life.

At CasaKeepers Design & Remodel, we recognize the importance of addressing this question at the outset of each project.

So, you ask, what’s the answer?

We Don’t Know. We Can’t Know. Yet.

The Complexity of Bespoke Projects:

At CasaKeepers, we do not believe in generic solutions for generic people. Each project we undertake is a bespoke endeavor tailored to suit our client’s unique needs in their unique home. Consequently, the cost of a project cannot be determined until we have a comprehensive understanding of all the components that will comprise your vision. For example, a specific island countertop in a custom kitchen can range from $1,500 to $15,000. Until we define your wishes and your desires for your project, we cannot determine the costs involved in those “countertop” decisions. 

Context Matters:

Understanding your home’s geographical context and specific characteristics is essential to accurately estimating the investment required. For instance, if you reside in the Hill Country and wish to remodel a gourmet kitchen in the Comanche Trace Country Club area, we would estimate a budget range of $85,000 to $115,000. These kitchens are typically larger, with higher ceilings and central islands. Conversely, if you live in downtown Kerrville, in a charming 1500 square foot historic home, that estimated budget range may be around $65,000 to $75,000. There may not be room for a butler’s pantry, but we will help you make the most of every square foot.

Do you cook?

Some homeowners see their kitchen as an entertaining space that happens to have some beautiful appliances. Other homeowners see their kitchen as the central hub for creating multi-course meals to share with family, church small groups, or a large circle of friends. Thanksgiving celebrations in these two kitchens have a very different feel and each client requires a different style and design. The better we can know and understand your specific needs, the closer we are to answering the question. 

Transparent Pricing:

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. We understand the importance of seeing how your choices impact both your project and your desired budget investment. By providing you with a detailed breakdown of costs, we empower you to make informed decisions at every stage of the process. Our transparency commitment helps us deliver exceptional results that align with your budgetary requirements.

Our Proven Process:

At Casa Keepers, we emphasize collaboration and open communication throughout the remodeling journey. Our experienced designers and craftspeople will guide you through each step, offering their expertise and insights to help you make informed decisions. By actively involving you in the decision-making process, we ensure that the choices you make align with your desired budget and overall vision. 

TLDR: Conclusion:

So, then, “How much DOES it cost?!”

One tongue-in-cheek method for quickly pricing projects in 2023 is this simple formula:

{Cost of Project in 2019 Dollars x 2} +10% for contingency.

Said another way, in 2023, every project will require a larger investment than it would have just a few short years ago. Since that’s the world we live in, the most important thing is to ensure you’re working with a contractor who will keep your best interests at heart and help you invest every dollar so you will enjoy it for years to come!