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Our Process

Initial Client Meeting

With our team, discuss the goals of your project and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the vision of your space. We will get to know you, your requirements, and talk about things like how this project will affect your lifestyle, your investment level, and timelines to see if CasaKeepers is a good fit for your project.

Once the Initial Client Meeting is complete, you will be led through the CasaKeepers process review. To ensure that you fully understand our strategy and project workflow, we walk you through the project execution steps. A successful relationship requires open communication, and our Process Review will outline what you can expect while working with the CasaKeepers team. We will create a schedule after reviewing and approving your project goals.
Throughout this step, our design team will examine your space to discover more about how we can improve it. You will discuss preliminary designs together and meet frequently to implement your concept. Your design choices will be represented by in-depth layouts to better visualize the end result.
The CasaKeepers team will visit on-site with our dependable trade partners to analyse and collect thorough information about existing conditions after we decide on a shared vision for your project.
Besides attending to any clarifications and possibilities for improvement that might have been discovered during the Trade Partner Meeting, we will go through the priorities and paperwork gathered to prepare for your project. Upon review, we will sign the contract and talk about prospective start dates if there are no changes to the scope of work.
You will meet with the CasaKeepers team on-site to examine the environment, review the project requirements, and pinpoint any logistical difficulties.
A weekly meeting time will be set up between you and your project manager so that you can discuss the specifics and status of your project as well as any unresolved concerns.
Our team will visit with you one final time to collect any information or feedback you may have regarding your experience with CasaKeepers. We will also go through our warranty and hand off any project documentation.