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What You Can Expect

Chad Huber Owner of CasaKeepers Hill Country Remodeling Service

Thank you for reaching out to CasaKeepers for your project! We’re excited to work with you. Here’s what you can expect next: One of our Project Designers will reach out to you soon. They will want to gather some basic information about you and the projects you have in mind. If you would like to […]

Why “No-Punch-Lists”?

Who’s the Expert around here? Today I want to share with you an approach that sets us apart in our industry. We’ve reimagined the way projects are completed, saying goodbye to the outdated “Punch-list” mentality. Join me as we explore a new path toward excellence! So, let’s say goodbye to punch lists and embrace excellence. […]

Remodeling 101: Discovering the Costs

During our initial conversations with a potential client, one question always percolates to the top: How much will this project cost? Whether it be a master bathroom suite, a kitchen renovation, or the construction of a guest casita, it’s human nature to want an approximate understanding of the investment required to bring our vision to life.