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home restoration

Natural disasters

There are disaster cleanup companies that can get the job done, and there are restoration experts who go the extra mile. Casakeepers, LLC is one of the latter. We focus on providing expertise, knowledge, support and compassion during the restoration process to families who have been through natural disasters that tore their homes and lives apart.

In these times of distress, it’s important to have someone you can trust and rely on, and we believe that your restoration team should be a part of this group.

A call to Casakeepers, LLC is a call for your own confidence—an assurance the job will be done right.

we can handle it all

Nature has a lot it can throw at us, and at Casakeepers, LLC we can address the issue. Each disaster and job is different—as unique as each client. But we go into each situation with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill developed over years of work.


Speed is imperative in dealing with a flood. Water damage becomes irreparable in no time, so calling us the moment you are able to is important so we can mitigate, take preventative measures, and begin restoration.


Fires can tear through a building and leave nothing behind. With compassion and care, Casakeepers, LLC will get your home on its way to full restoration.

Hail, wind & tornadoes

Roofs are the major casualty in the event of severe hail and wind or even tornadoes. Windows, siding, fencing, and more are also suspect to major damage and destruction leaving your home uninhabitable. Our team can tarp your roof and board up windows in record speed so that no further damage will be caused.


Lightning can incite fire, so it’s important to perform a full inspection of your home. Don’t do this yourself, give us a call. We will take all necessary precautions for a safe and decisive inspection.

When it comes to natural disaster restoration, the CasaKeepers team prides itself on having the most skillful and compassionate team. We approach every family and situation with the care required and will keep you well informed throughout the repair process. We don’t consider our job complete until you can step over your threshold and breathe a sigh of relief.

termite damage

Pest damage restoration

If you’ve discovered pest damage, it can be difficult to properly remove the pests, and even more challenging to remediate the damage. Commercial pesticides may take care of the nuisance at the time, but not all provide long-term answers. The damage itself can seem like an unsolvable puzzle if you don’t have the proper experience and expertise to repair it.

Most pests are pretty harmless to properties. However, pests like termites, rodents, beetles and fungi can absolutely destroy homes and businesses if they’re not treated properly and quickly. Because of this, it’s our duty to not only help you remove these pests but also repair any damage done and restore your investment. We will reinforce the area against further threats and restore your home or business, so you can live with the peace of mind you deserve.

With these factors in mind, CasaKeepers ensures the products we use, along with our knowledge and experience, are second to none regarding pest remediation. If you suspect any pest has begun making your home their home, contact us today! We can help with bugs such as termites and carpenter ants, as well as, any damage caused by mold, dry rot, and other moisture issues. Call us today to reclaim your home.

Water damaged ceiling in an old abandoned house.

water damage restoration

Arguably worse than fire damage, water damage can be caused by a multitude of sources and affects one in ten homes in the United States. With major floods in the double digits and smaller floods, as caused by rain fall, improper maintenance, foundations that are not properly sealed, faulty gutters, lots not properly graded resulting in excessive water flow into your home, air conditioning leaks, or burst pipes occurring in the millions, it’s important to have a water damage restoration company you can rely on.

At Casakeepers, LLC, our aim is to provide just that. Flood damage seeps into the most unexpected places, and because of this, it is important to hire a professional who can assess the situation accurately. When you hire CasaKeepers water restoration services, you will get detailed and efficient quality workmanship that will set your home up to survive future flood emergencies regardless of the cause.

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Terry C.
Terry C.
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Chad and his whole team did a great job with all of our remodel needs & requests. Super professional, timely, clean, great work and most of all easy to work with. I would highly recommend CasaKeepers!
Albert B.
Albert B.
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We are so happy with the work that Chad and his crew performed on our recent remodel. Love, love, love my new craft/computer room! Everything was done to our requests and specification. The crew cleaned up after every days work. You can't go wrong using CasaKeepers for big or small jobs.
Laurie R.
Laurie R.
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Chad, along with every single one of the guys that worked at my house, were friendly, respectful, and seemed to take pride in their work. They did what they said they would do. They transformed my guest bath! It's beautiful! They do excellent work! I highly recommend CasaKeepers! I will definitely use them again!