Chad Huber, Owner & founder

My name is Chad Huber and I am the founder of CasaKeepers, LLC. My beginning in construction began in the early 2000’s as a client myself. After several years operating businesses in various industries, my wife, Kristin and I, began hiring contractors to flip houses. So disillusioned with the quality and lack of professionalism in the field, I decided to become a General Contractor myself. After renovating and remodeling several homes, including our own, we found ourselves living and working in Mazatlan, Mexico.

We spent three years in Mazatlan serving with Back2Back ministries, working with and in orphanages. Many aspects of our time there involved physical repairs and remodeling in the orphanage where we served.

When we relocated to the beautiful Hill Country in 2015, we continued to realize the need for installing appliances, remodeling bathrooms, interior paint jobs, and more. It seems there are a never-ending list of things that need attention around the home. CasaKeepers was born in 2016 in the hill country city of Kerrville, Texas.

Since that time, CasaKeepers has grown from myself to a full remodeling construction team with years of expertise covering all facets of remodels and restorations. We recognize that general contractor services are an important aspect of any home project, and we’re proud to offer our clients quality services with the character and integrity to match. Experienced and knowledgeable, we can complete the job within your ideal timeline and work with you in true partnership.


Meet Our Team

Chris Maksymowski Headshot


Chris is not only a Master Carpenter in his own right, he’s also a project manager who has spent more than 37 years bringing both large and small projects to life. Before arriving in Kerrville, Chris was in charge of a $34 million college dorm project in Colorado and has seen and completed many large remodels come to life.

Joy Molina Headshot


Third generation craftsman, artist, decorative painter, and Ms. Fix-it with a keen eye for detail and cohesive design.

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BJ has spent his adult life mastering multiple construction trades. After several years running his own remodeling company in Lubbock, B.J. joined theCasaKeepers team in 2018. If it needs to be done, BJ is the man to make it happen.


Keegan Benavides, lead carpenter

Some people are just born to make sawdust. Keegan knows his way around power tools and loves learning new skills to add to his repertoire. His huge smile and natural ability make him a valued member of our team.

Licensed Contractor Services

We pride ourselves on being family friendly professionals who come alongside our clients to provide them with the highest quality workmanship. With you at the helm of the project, we’ll carry out the more complicated aspects so you don’t have to. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with Hill Country suppliers to get you the best deals on any material you desire throughout your remodel. We are prepared and experienced to cover all necessary components to your project.

It’s a lot to keep up with, but at Casakeepers, LLC we are well equipped to carry out these duties with ease, communicating well between distributors, subcontractors, and yourself. Communication is key. You will never be left in the sawdust wondering what’s going on.

In addition, our team is licensed and bonded and offers full-service remodeling. For larger projects, we work only with companies and subcontractors we have experience with. Character and integrity are of the utmost importance to our CasaKeeper team!

We’re in the business of going above and beyond, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask about anything not listed on our website detail. We love what we do, and we want to share that creativity and dedication with you.